Why is Crossfit popular?

Crossfit is known as a conditioning scheme which is used to give general but broad workouts. Set up by a former gymnast known as Greg Glassman in 2000, Crossfit has been in operation since then, but it is only in recent times that it exploded and started to gain popularity.

A Crossfit is a broad training program which in most cases is individualized. However, there are those people who claim that they can download workout programs from the internet, read from magazines or DVDs. What they forget is that carrying out these workouts on your own might not work for long. The secret of behind Crossfit is workouts are done as a group. There are people to encourage you to move on even when you feel exhausted. This motivation and seeing how others have succeeded in the same exercises is what pushes you to your limit. Something you cannot find when doing it alone.

crossfitThe current statistics shows that there is great decline in solo fitness programs. This is because a Crossfit program enables clients to have a community feel in contrast to the lonely experience mostly endured in the gym machines. When you are in Crossfit, you find yourself pushing through even into some intense activities which are almost beyond your ability as you share with people about their experiences.

A Crossfit consist of quite a number of equipments which people use to do exercises. These equipments are such as dumb bells, barbell, medicine balls, and gymnastic rings among others. There are certain movements which are incorporated such as rowing, flipping tires, sprinting as well as several others that are combined in order to do workout.  These components are combined so as to form the day’s workout (WOD).

Crossfit program is made popular by the fact that there is a strong feel of community.  Having people around who are motivating and inspiring you to push for your goals is what makes Crossfit a favorite choice for many. In solo exercises, it may be hard to get benefits since there is no motivation to press on even when things get difficult. Crossfit is all about pressing on until you achieve your desired physical goals. Crossfit understands how easy things can be if done together and the style is has adopted to enable people achieve goals.

Another reason why many people prefer Crossfit is lack of boredom. Doing routine exercises can easily make you feel bored and this is the main reason why many people drop out of gyms. In Crossfit, there are series of workouts which are designed to help every part of your body. These exercises aren’t only challenging, they are also different each day. This is very important as it kills boredom of doing one thing throughout your workout plan.  The WOD consistently change and every time there is a different something to do. If you’re tired of performing the same exercise all through, Crossfit is can show you several other varieties which will keep you fully engaged.

crossfit bodyAgain, Crossfit also includes functional programs where you learn how to move the entire body. This is the reason why a lot of police forces and military units in the United State are using Crossfit in order to keep in shape. Every workout aims on these areas;

  1. Increasing stamina
  2. Improving the cardiovascular endurance
  3. Increasing strength
  4. Power
  5. Balance
  6. Co-ordination
  7. Improving flexibility
  8. Speed
  9. Accuracy

Imagine doing exercise for only 15 minutes a day and your body gets in good shape. The results will make you feel better both physically and psychologically as well. For those 15 minutes, your body doesn’t stop moving and at the end, you will see what you have worked for. The goal of Crossfit is to enhance the entire physical fitness as well pushing you to achieving your success. Crossfit boasts itself in building relationships via exercises.